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Meet your ultimate solution for extending the life nitehawk street sweeper rubberof your Nitehawk Street Sweeper: street sweeper rubber. Make sure your street sweeper always has the parts you need and is cleaning at peak performance with help from Plow Rubber’s replacement parts.

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About Our Replacement Sweeper Rubber

For one of the best street sweepers on the market, you want the best equipment fitted to it. Whether you’re cleaning city streets, community venues, business parks or somewhere else, you want to be able to maintain the quality and efficiency that you’ve come to expect. Do that with the replacement parts you can trust.

Count on:

  • Durability
  • High-quality
  • Maintained performance
  • Reliable customer service

Additionally, we have two kits for Nitehawk Street Sweepers, so you can get just what you need. Choose between our 3-piece set or our 4-piece set.

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