8 ft. Universal Contoured Thermoplastic Deflector
  • Universal, contoured thermoplastic snow deflector, 3/16" x 10"
  • Includes fasteners
  • 96" L
  • Made in the USA

8 ft. Universal Contoured Thermoplastic Deflector

For ensuring the safety of everyone on those snowy days, PlowRubber.com also supplies snow deflectors for the municipal trucks to control snow spray into the driver’s windshield. The deflector allows for a higher speed of travel, and flexes for efficient snow stacking.

Rubber Deflector Material

PlowRubber.com supplies an extremely durable 3 ply belting material. It has a very high abrasion resistant rubber cover on the top and the bottom, covering three layers of fabric. This material provides the strength and rigidity needed to avoid the “flopping” around that many lesser quality materials will do.

Thermoplastic Deflectors

Thermoplastic is a resin designed especially for cold winter applications. With a curved design, the snow rolls forward and adds some height to your blade. The edge is designed with thicker material at the critical bend points for extra durability.

Deflector Kits

All of our deflector kits use the same 3 ply heavy duty material as our rubber deflectors, but include the brackets and hardware.

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