Skirt Rubber 50ft. L x 1/8in Thick

Skirt Rubber 50ft. L x 1/8in Thick

By far the most popular of all the skirt board options. It is black in color, 65 Durometer (hardness), and we have 100s of rolls in stock that are readily available. Our SBR skirt rubber can be used in many applications from providing an excellent seal on a conveyor system, to being used as gaskets, pads, or the many other uses too numerous to list.

Skirt Rubber is available in rolls of 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, & 3/4” thicknesses and supplied in any width from 2"wide to 48"wide x 50' long. 

**NOTE: UPS can only ship 150 pounds per box. If you are interested in either larger or heavier rolls, or multiple line items, please contact us at the factory so we can ensure you the best price

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